In August 2014 I was approached by The Wildlife Trust to work with them on their new "My Wild Life" marketing campaign. An environmental portraiture style was used in the campaign to show the connection between people and nature and enable them to tell their stories of all wild places mean to them. 
The gallery above shows the way my images were used to tell these stories.

The campaign launched on 1st March 2015; which included the launch of The Wildlife Trust's new micro website www.mywildlife.org.com

It was a pleasure for me to work on a campaign that illustrates so well how important nature and wild spaces are to us all and the importance of ensuring that these stories are also possible to be told by future generations.
For more details on The Wildlife Trust please visit their website  http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/

"We love working with Rebecca. Her passion for the environment and especially reconnecting children with nature is brilliant. She has a great understanding of the relationship between people and nature which is important for an organisation like ours".

 Adam Cormack,
 Senior Communications                    Manager,
 The Wildlife Trusts 

"It was a pleasure to work together on our 
 'My Wild Life' campaign.  Rebecca worked brilliantly with her subjects  and the lighting conditions  nature  threw at her. 
The images provided look great!"

 Kaite Helps,
 Marketing officer,                              Derbyshire Wildlife Trust                                       

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