Nautical and Seaside Photography

I have a passion for all things nautical - the sea, sand, pebbles, beach huts and especially boats!
I can't put this down to anything, but I have always loved being around boats! The clinking of rigging and the lapping of the water around boats is a very therapeutic sound for me and the sight of sails out on the water never fails to lift my spirits!
I grew up in Suffolk and although I didn't actually live on the coast I always had easy access to the sea and inparticular the Orwell estuary. I didn't realise how much a part of my life this was until I moved to a village in beautiful Derbyshire in 1999, which is 2 miles from the most landlocked point of the UK! Since then I've made sure I visit the coast whenever I can and my local reservoirs will always be amongst my favourite places; the inland sea!



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